The concept for Beekeepers for Christ resulted from an opportunity to teach beekeeping in Uganda. Dick Turanski and Dan Mayer were invited to join a mission to Uganda to teach beekeeping at the school in ESTA for "Here is Life" (HIL).

Dick found this to be a unique opportunity to teach not only beekeeping, but also to share Christ with the people of the West Nile District of Uganda. After visiting several beekeepers' facilities accompanied by the President of the Uganda Beekeepers Association, Dick and his friend Dan Mayer had the opportunity to lead a man by the name of Ramsey to the Lord. After his acceptance of Christ, Ramsey shared the fact that he was told by God "that a man would be coming to speak to him about his needs".

After arriving in Arua, a missionary friend who had heard the story of Ramsey labeled them "Beekeepers for Christ" and thus their mission was aptly named.

2003 - Demonstration of melting wax to make candles. 2007 - Dick's beekeeping class.

At the heart of their ministry is the desire to use Beekeeping not just as a vocational teaching tool, but also an opportunity to share Christ. A movement had already begun among Christian leaders in Yumbe to use beekeeping as a evangelization tool to reach the “unreached”. BFC adopted their vision and Blessed Bee for Life was born.

This concept is vital as change is difficult because of the extreme social pressures to shun change to avoid problems created by jealousy. In addition there is a great deal of fear which can only be circumvented by individuals placing their faith in Christ and learning to rely on him. The basis of change is spiritual: First Corinthians 5:17

"Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come"

Throughout this experience, the Lord kept bringing change back to the hearts and minds of Dick and Dan. As a result while sitting in an airport on their return to the United States, they prayed to the Lord for guidance as to how they could become instruments to bring about change. It was then that they agreed to form "Beekeepers for Christ".