"Our Purpose"

Meeting physical and spiritual needs around the World by combining Beekeeping with the Gospel of Christ.

"Our Mission"

Beekeepers for Christ (“BFC”), is a service organized to unite beekeepers in the spirit of Christ and his servant ministry. BFC is designed to bring about closer fellowships and harmony among fellow Christian beekeepers. It will also promote and be a stimulus for harmony within the beekeeping industry and among various beekeeping associations.

BFC will foster outreach opportunities for members to assist Christian Beekeepers in 3rd world countries with their beekeeping projects. Those projects are designed to serve and support their churches and their communities by improving their beekeeping skills.

Our mission will be to improve living conditions for people in third world countries by teaching modern beekeeping and sharing Christ through teaching his word.

Primitive Log Hive - 2003

In 2003 most beekeepers were using primitve log hives which required destroying the hive to remove the bees. They cooked the honey and then threw the wax away.

Since that time we established a teaching and training program with emphasis on beekeeping, making hives and hive equipment and the value of wax. We provided them a mill for the beeswax foundation and taught them candle making
Beekeepers for Christ is a non-profit organization working temporarily under the Shepherd’s Way 501(c)(3) organization umbrella. Contributions/gifts can be made out to SW and sent to PO Box 2744, Eugene, OR 97402. A copy of our by-laws will be made available upon request.